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THE STATE OF TEXAS - The mysterious phenomena of spectral lights have been reported throughout time by reasonably sane individuals. Most of the ghost lights seen by witnesses have been characterize by scientist as originating from natural or man-made causes. Reports of swamp gas, ball lighting, and witness hallucination have been listed as sources. However, very few scientist have actually done true investigation on the phenomena. This article will try and focus on a few of the most popular sightings and give you the reader information on where and how you too can witness these illuminated phantom orbs.

Marfa Lights By Robert Thomson

The State of Texas has several well known light phenomena within it's borders. The town of Marfa being the most willing to talk about their "Marfa Lights".

  • MARFA - Located in far west Texas near the border with Mexico, the county seat for Presidio County, is the city of Marfa. Marfa is known for some of the largest mountains in the state and for some of the most beautiful scenic drives. The movies Giant (1956) and the Andromeda Strain (1971) were filmed in and around Marfa. However, Marfa is by far best known for the nightly visits of strange glowing orbs of lights known as the "Marfa Lights" or the "Ghost Lights of Marfa". Observed in 1883 by some of the first settlers the mystery has spanned generations and the legend of the lights has spread world wide. The popular television show "Unsolved Mysterious" featured the lights on a broadcast October 25, 1989. The lights are described as "Small, ethereal, lights suspended in the air with no apparent source, no identifiable location. They float, they ebb, they glow and move . . . and they defy explanation." The lights can been seen by driving nine miles east of the city, near the base of the Chianti Mountains. There's an observation area set-up so you can watch the lights.
Unsolved Mysterious - Marfa Lights
    •  ANSON  - Anson, the county seat of Jones County, is at the intersection of U.S. highways 83/277 and 180 at the center of the county. The mysterious lights that appears in the rolling hills of west Texas have been seen by curious college students for year. Several legends have been told by locals that the lights are caused by the specter of a woman looking for her long lost son. The lights appear near the Anson Cemetery at the junction of two dirt roads. Before you head out there be sure and tell the Jones County Sheriff department that you plan to check out the Anson lights. The deputies will ask you to move along if they catch you parked on the dirt road. Just a fair warning. What are the lights, it's still an unsolved mystery.
     Anson Lights

    • BRAZORIA COUNTY - Another white ball of light that floats about four to six feet off the ground occasionally makes an appearance to onlookers between West Columbia and Angleton, Texas in Brazoria County. This light has become a legend and is known around the world as "Bailey's Light". According to the legend the light is reported to be that of a lantern being carried by the ghost of JAMES BRITON BAILEY.  

    • SILSBEE - Near the town of Silsbee, which is north of Beaumont, in Hardin County appears the "Saratoga Lights". Take the Old Bragg Road (also known as "Ghost Road"), which turns off of Farm Road 1293 about seven miles west of Honey Island and head straight for Saratoga. The unpaved, tree lined, dirt road is long and straight. Eyewitnesses have seen the lights amongst the pine trees in the darkness of the Big Thicket. Many people who have seen the Saratoga ghost lights leave very frighten. They say because, "the lights are so close" comparing them to the distances of the Marfa lights. 
    Saratoga Lights (Warning: Bad Language is used in this video)

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