Monday, July 8, 2013


Austin, Texas - July 4th, 2013 My walk takes me across a bridge over Ben White Blvd and at that time of the morning not many people are up and moving around. Stop lights are on flash and it's a peaceful walk at the coolest part of a summer day. When you see someone you notice them because it's so quite so you have a tenancy to greet them with a good morning or with a smile and glance. 
As i walked over the bridge I could see someone seating on the bus stop bench waiting for a bus. Normal for a weekday morning people going to work even on the 4th. I stopped at the end of the bridge waiting for a motorcycle to stop and drive through the intersection. As I stood I glanced over to the man at the bus stop and noticed he was looking down not wanting to make face contact with anyone. It was dark and he was in a shadow part of the bench but light from cars driving down Ben White would light the stop enough to see someone on the bench. As I walked into the intersection I again glanced up to the bench and noticed the man was wearing a jacket. It was 72 degrees so I though to myself this guy has to be hot. As I stepped up to the curve I turned to greet the man at the stop and wish him a happy 4th and as I looked up at him I noticed his head was moving upward to greet me as well. About that moment a car came down the road and it's headlight lit up the bus stop and I could see the light reflect from the man's jacket. Suddenly I could see the car light go through the man's jacket and I could see the bus bench clearly. The man just disappeared in front of me. As I got up to where he was seated I could smell the strong smell of human sweat but no one was there.

Bus Stop in Austin, Texas
About 3 or 4 years ago their was a man that was homeless in Austin that walked up and down Ben White that wore a grey jacket like the one I saw this man wearing. But that homeless man died one cold winter night several years ago