Wednesday, September 21, 2011


NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -  On a farm-to-market road in the southwest part of  Comal County lives a creature, a rarely seen, often heard creature the kind written about in urban legends. People along its path have reported strange occurrences like mason jars missing out of  locked storage sheds.  Doors taken off of hinges while still locked. Huge footprints are found the next morning. Is the legendary "Big Foot" in Texas?

A young couple heading down the farm-to-market road, after watching a movie in nearby New Braunfels, decided it was too early to go home and pulled over to the side of the road. It was a quiet night with no moonlight to illuminate the darkness. The young man turned off the engine, the car radio and lights to sit quietly paying attention only to his beautiful date.   After talking for a few minutes the young man noticed the cattle in the nearby fenced-in field moving rapidly away. Thinking it must have been their presence that made them nervous he kept  his concentration on the young lady. 
Captured from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film
 Then out of the blackness came a sound neither of them had ever heard before, a loud scream or howl. The amazing sound was followed by complete silence. The young lady knowing her date had been raised in the country asked him what could possibly have made that sound. He thought a bit and told her it didn't sound like a coyote or a dog. He wasn't sure what it was, but he strained his eyes looking out at the darkness trying to see anything in the pitch-blackness.

He told her not to worry it was probably  just a wild dog or maybe a sick cow, but both remained alert, staring out into the darkness surrounding the car. There was no wind or even a summer breeze to ruffle through the trees. Suddenly another scream was heard but this one was so close it rattled the windows in the car. It sounded like a freight train, and the young man considered getting out to see what the source of the sound was, but the young girl was adamantly opposed to the idea of her boyfriend leaving her in the car alone. She held him and was frighten into tears. Then they both heard the sound of the fence wire being pushed down by something heavy just on the other side of the car door. Quickly the young man turned the ignition key and floored the car's engine afraid to look back at whatever had just climbed the fence. Whatever it was seemed entirely too interested in finding out more about them.  

  Bigfoot Sighting in San Antonio 2009

Unsolved Mysteries - Bigfoot


  1. Clayton, where did you hear this story? A couple months ago, my dad had an experience that nearly mimicked this story. Hence my Google searching "Bigfoot and Devils Backbone Texas" which brought me to this link.

    My dad was sitting alone in the driveway of him and my mom's home near Fischer (Just West of Devil's Backbone) and he noticed the dogs barking in the distance. As a few minutes passed, dogs began to bark closer and closer to the house. Before he knew it his own 100lb dogs were both up on the back deck barking in a manner he'd "never heard them bark like...pure fear..." before a bellowing howl of a nature he couldn't really describe emminated from just beyond the fenced portion of their backyard, or about 100' away from him.

    This howl, he said, was so loud he could feel it in his chest. Immediately every animal was completely silent and my dad very promptly took the dogs inside.

    My dad's from Alaska and has heard all sorts of noises from the largest animals in North America, and he says that whatever made that sound had to have been huge. He said it was so close, and so loud, he can't understand what in the world it may have been...

    So obviously, this story you've got has come from somewhere nearby and from someone who may have actually had an experience. I'd like to hear more, as far as it's exact location, date, and time?

    1. Stefan, this story happen to me in the 1980's on a road called Schoenthal Road in Comal County. If I had been alone I would have got out of my car to see what was making that loud howling noise.
      I came back the next day and found where I had parked the car the fence was down and it was a barbed wire fence. Looks like something just stepped down on the wires and popped the wires out of the fence post. -Clayton