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SOLMS, TEXAS - In the summer of 1966 two identical five-year-old boys played aimlessly games between themselves. We will call them Tim and Tom. Tim was older by 3 minutes and the more aggressive, Tom had been sickly as a baby and was happy to follow Tim’s lead as least for the time being.

The real twin brothers on their farm in the 60's.
 At midday the boy’s activity suddenly halted they heard a sound, one, which they, raised on a farm and used to a variety of noises, had never heard before.  Tom looked at his brother to see if he was hearing the same noise.  “Do you hear that?” “Yeah.”   “So where is it coming from?”  Simultaneous the matching faces of the boys looked up.  Out of the northeast they saw what looked like a rocket, or what they at first thought looked like a rocket.  Randolph Air Force Base was close by, so along with the sound of cattle, chickens and the occasional rattlesnake the little boys where also familiar with the sound and appearance of passing jets.
This was no jet.  In midair the object suddenly stopped and then slowly started to turn.  The young boys left their activities and stood stock still starring at the unusual sight.  “Do you see that?” asked one to the other.  “Yeah what is that thing?”  Their attention riveted they watched as the object continued its revolution.  At one point they swear to this day that they saw portholes in the side.   Says Tom: “ I could see people looking down at me.  I just saw shadow shapes moving inside.” 
After a few minutes it sped away to the north at a rapid rate of speed.

Immediately the twins ran to the grownups watching a football game inside the house.  Of course no one believed the two boys. This was the stuff that was expected from a child’s imagination. 

However, thirty-six years after the event both men remember this incident and the aftermath vividly.

 “It was no blimp”, says Tom looking at the incident now from the perspective of an adult. “It speed away too quickly, and the shape was wrong. It was more of a cigar shape. Then there was that noise.  That woo, woo, woo sound that had made us look up in the first place.  Also things happened afterward, strange things that happened mostly to my brother that we will never forget.” 

Shortly after seeing a strange craft in the sky over their farmhouse, Tim and Tom began noticing a few strange occurrences.  Remember that in 1966 few people had heard of odd things happening to people who had seen UFO’s.  Only much later when they were older would they hear other reports of men dressed in black and driving black cars that matched their own experiences.  At the time, no one believed the word of the little twins, and as far as they knew they were alone with their fears. 

Tim the boldest one was the sole witness to the MIB’s visits.  He had taken it on himself to ride his bike about a half-mile every day to pick up the families mail.  These trips had always been uneventful until just a few days after their sighting. He was going to the mailbox when he saw an unusual sight in his neighborhood, a large limousine like car with tinted windows.  Tim had never seen windows like that so at the time he could only tell his brother that “you couldn’t see inside the car”.  As the car went by he could see that the driver side window was down. He could see four people in the car; the driver was a large man in a black suit wearing sunglasses and a black hat.  The car went down the road for about a mile then stopped, turned around and came back, driving slowly.  He noticed that the car seemed to be veering toward him, and he quickly rode his bike into a nearby ditch and the vehicle narrowly missed.  As the car drove away Tim thought he could hear laughter coming from the men inside.  Again the car stopped and began to turn around, Tim took an opportunity to make it to the dirt road before the car returned.  The black car and strange occupants just went by without stopping.

He immediately returned and informed his brother about what had occurred.  His brother did not believe him. Tom thought Tim was making the story up to frighten him, but he was impressed that his usual stoic brother really seemed scared, so he suggested that he began doing this chore. To his surprise Tim readily agreed this, despite the fact that they had often argued about who would be the one to go in the past. 

Tom went for two weeks at the regular time, taking the same route his brother had taken, and saw nothing. No men, no car, no strangers of any kind appeared.  He cockily told Tim he didn’t believe him.  But he in reality he was not so sure.  They knew each other very well, after all and it was not like Tim to carry a joke this far, and for so long a time.

Finally Tim could no longer stand being the one left behind each day, watching his brother perform what he considered his chore.  He wanted his job back.

Tim was gone a long time, at least thirty minutes, and Tom was beginning to wonder if he should tell his mother of his concern.  They had not mentioned the black limo to their parents, since Tim was sure that if Tom didn’t believe him no one else would either.  Now Tom was thinking that might not have been such a good idea. Finally he saw Tim manically riding toward him shouting that he was being chased again.  Tom got on his bike but, it took him some time to convince his brother to let him go back, Tim was visible shaken.  Tom stated he would just go to the mailbox and take a look. They both went and half way up the road Tim pointed out the tire tracks in the field that Tom had not seen there the day before.  Tim explained they had not stopped at the dirt road this time.  They had continued.  Tim took a deep breath and told his brother the whole story- he had gotten the mail out of the mailbox and turned around to come back when he heard a car coming behind him.  It was the black limo again, this time the car rode up to his back tire, and tried, Tim was convinced, to run over him.  He could hear their laughter just as he had the first time. .  When he tried to get to the ditch they followed and chased the little boy down the dirt road, almost hitting him twice and only giving up when the road had become so hazardous for the large car that it had to turn back leaving it’s telltale tire prints in the soft earth of the field.

With the logic that anyone who remembers their childhood well could understand the boys concocted a plan. Both boys would ride their bikes to get the mail.  Tom would be the look out and Tim would grab the mail and both boys would race back to the farmhouse as fast as possible.
Late one night after the boys had gone to bed Tom lay wake thinking.  Years would pass before the sighting of the strange object in sky and the mysterious men would be connected in their minds.  Years would pass before they would find that others who had reported seeing UFO’s had also had visits from the MIB’s and only then would they find that no matter how many individuals had witnessed a particular sighting usually only one person encountered the strange men.  That night Tom had only one question on his mind however, and it disturbed him enough to wake Tim.


 “Those men you saw-- how did they know?”

 “Know what?”

 “Well, teachers can’t tell us apart, other kids have trouble telling us apart, heck everyone has trouble telling who’s who, so how did they know I wasn’t you?”  To this day neither of the twins has an answer for that, at least not yet.

TV Series Unsolved Mysteries - M.I.B.

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