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ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO- Roswell, New Mexico is often referred to as the Mecca of the UFO controversy.  The beginning of the fame started in 1980 when Charles Berlitz and William Moore brought the story before the public with their book “The Roswell Incident”.  While the book itself has been largely forgotten, the tale of a government cover-up of a real UFO captured the imagination of the public and has never let go.

Newspaper Headlines

The Roswell Army Air Field was in 1947 the home of the only nuclear bomb squadron, the 509th, which had seen action in the U.S.’s attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan.

The little town of Roswell itself was in some ways supported by the business brought to it by the Air Field.  On July 8, 1947 the town must have been abuzz with the news reports that stated: “Roswell Army Air Field Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.”  The excitement was short lived.  The next day a retraction was printed that explained the findings were nothing more than an experimental Weather Balloon.  This information seemed to satisfy the public at large until the “The Roswell Incident” was published 33 years later.  Since that time, the arguments about what really happened have raged on, and the little town of Roswell has never been the same.  

Famous photo of the material found at the crash sites

The story that came out after the book included such intrigue as Military Personnel taking control of parts of the town for several hours on that July day in 1947.  Witnesses who claimed to have been threatened and intimidated by the Military now detailed stories of having seen alien bodies, strange technology, and even an autopsy of the lifeless aliens conducted in a morgue on the Base.     
The claims also included having seen spacecraft, and parts of a spacecraft removed from Roswell and transported possibly to Area 51.  Witness run the range from being local farmers, soldiers, nurses, doctors, and people who had been children at the time of the incident.
Since the ‘80’s numerous books, movies, and of course Websites have made the Roswell story famous worldwide.  The town now does a brisk tourist business and hosts an annual celebration commemorating the crash.  

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