Wednesday, September 21, 2011


AUSTIN, TEXAS - Two nights before my wedding I returned to my Mom’s house and spread the long white dress and veil down on the bed in the guest bedroom and we both retired to sleep; completely exhausted from planning the wedding.  Mom went to her bed and I chose to sleep on the couch in the living room.  My wedding dress had just come from the shop where it had been hanging with dozens of other May-June gowns and I wanted to let the dress and veil stretch out in hopes that in the morning they would look less “scrunched”.
Classic phone
I’m not sure if what happened next was dream or not.  I guess I never will know for sure, but late in the night the phone rang, or at least I heard it ring.  Rushing to answer it I had a string of comments to make if it was one of my friends calling at this hour, my Mom’s pet peeve were late night phone calls.  But the voice on the other end of the line was older.  A woman’s voice that seemed eerily familiar asked to speak to my Mom.  “She’s asleep!” I whispered frantically to the caller.  “It’s very late, please call back in the morning.”  “Oh, she’ll want to talk to me,” the voice was still very clear, and still I couldn’t place it.

 “It’s too late she’s asleep and I don’t know who you are.”   
“Yes, you know me, you do know me!” The woman on the other end was insistent now. 
“This is Audrey, you know me, and this is Audrey.” 
Very frightened for some reason at her persistence I hung up and lay back down on the couch.

The next morning I asked my Mom if she’d been disturbed by the phone.  She hadn’t but wanted to know who had called.  I told her then that I was unsure if it was a dream or a real event, but that someone named Audrey had called.  I went over the strange conversation I had with the caller then realized that my Mom had stopped answering me.  Her face had gone white.  “You do know an Audrey.” She told me this with a strange small smile on her face.  “No,” I said to her, I would remember such a name, as it was unusual to me.

 “Your Aunt Betty’s real name was Audrey. She never liked it, and when she was very young she started going by the name Betty.”  My blood ran cold as I realized that the voice had sounded familiar because of its resemblance to my Mom’s and my other Aunt’s voices. But three years before the night I got that call my Aunt Audrey/Betty had collapsed and died suddenly at her place of business. I had never heard her addressed any other way other than as  Betty. 
As I said I’m not sure if that call was a dream but these same mysterious phone calls have happened to others as well.  In that I can take comfort-that I’m not alone. In a way it does make sense that if a spirit can communicate through other means why not just by placing a phone call.  Ironically, that was what Aunt Betty did; she owed and operated a Message Service.  Maybe she still had one last message of her own to be sent.

Phone Calls From the Dead

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