Monday, September 19, 2011


 SAN ANTONIO, TX - You’ve probably heard this story. On a rainy Texas morning a train moves swiftly down the track making good time despite the weather. The Engineer spots something on the track, he prays his eyes are playing tricks on him even as he pulls the brake, even as he tugs on the whistle sending its shrill scream into the air, but he is not mistaken, the object before him never moves.
Popular photo of the San Antonio haunted tracks.
Despite his best efforts the train cannot be stopped in time and he watches in horror as the speeding locomotive advances on a school bus crowded with children, their terrified faces pressed against the windows as death races toward them. 

The Legend states that after the children lost their lives that day on the train tracks when their bus stalled out, they have returned to make sure that no one will ever share that tragic fate. Over the years the tale became embroidered to include such embellishments as streets in the area being named for the children. The streets were actually named for the family of the developer who had planned and mapped out the neighborhood. This fact has been raised several times in rebuttal of the story of the Ghost Children of San Antonio, since skeptics feel that one false detail spoils the whole integrity of the legend, but if you doubt the story visit the beautiful city of San Antonio. The train tracks are still there, and visitors still report not only being pushed across by small invisible hands, but also hearing the laughter and voices of children.

  As seen on a science channel program, the haunted train tracks is debunked. Their was never a bus load of kids in San Antonio hit by a train in the 30's, 40's, or 50's and the names of the streets are not named after the killed children. They are named for the developers grand children.

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