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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - As written by a witness; on the 6th of March around 5:00 AM, the sound of distant cannons woke up a young woman and her family. She related that lying on pallets spread on the floor of her residence, the children could hear and feel the boom of the cannons as they fired 70 miles away. Sounds like thunder roaring from the location of a Spanish mission called the Alamo. The year is 1836 and for 13 days men, women and children are besieged inside the fort walls with thousands of enemy soldiers surrounding them. Now suddenly in the earlier morning darkness the enemy is attacking in force from all sides. Soldiers are pouring over the north wall. Men are dying all around and fighting is hand-to-hand. Abandoning the walls, defenders withdrew to the dim rooms of the Long Barracks. There some of the bloodiest hand-to-hand fighting occurred, and by eight o’clock in the morning all of the defenders had been killed.

Tranquility now replaces the sound of men fighting and dying at each other’s hands. A large metropolitan city has encircled the old mission instead of enemy troops. The Alamo has become the leading tourist attraction for the State of Texas with thousands of visitors each year wanting to see the place where Davy Crockett died. Thanks to several popular books and movies tourist numbers will continue to rise in the near future for the Alamo city.

But looks can be deceiving. Battle weary Mexican soldiers under orders that the Alamo be blown up so it couldn’t be used again as a defense, saw an apparition standing in front of the mission holding flaming swords. It scared the soldiers enough to defy orders and run away. Some say they saw Angels standing with flaming swords in front of the chapel and other say it was the ghost of the Alamo defenders. All that is known is the chapel remained along with the long barracks and some of the walls to this very day.

First known photo of the Alamo mission after the battle in 1836.

 A Texas Ranger reported a noise coming from the long barracks late one evening and when he went to see what was causing the noise he got a shocking view of what had happened in the building so long ago. He saw a man dressed in early Texas period dress running into the building with a look of great fear on his face. 

Following close behind him were Mexican soldiers dressed in their period uniforms with bayonets waving in the direction of the fleeing man. The man with his back to the wall began fighting the Mexican soldiers and suddenly the soldiers pushed their bayonets into his body. The soldiers disappeared and left the man sliding down the wall with blood trailing. The look of surprise was left on the man's face as he too slowly disappeared in front of the ranger's eyes. The Ranger stood there for a moment wondering what he had just witness and then slowly walked back to his post. He never wrote the experience in any official log because he knew no one would believe him. He later told a paranormal researcher what he witnesses under the condition that his identity would never be revealed.
The Alamo Chapel
San Antonio, TX
©2003 Kelli Lindsay
Around the Alamo visitors have seen many strange paranormal occurrences. A young boy has been spotted in the upper window of the Alamo gift shop, exactly who this young child is we may never know.

The Alamo story has now became a legend. The men inside the old mission are now heroes with their names on schools, towns, and forever in the hearts of free people throughout the world.

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