Saturday, August 27, 2011


Texas Capitol Building (2011)
  AUSTIN, TEXAS - Built over a three-year period between 1885 and 1888, the Texas Capitol has been a host to many historic events. Within it's walls great American's shaped a State and a Nation.  It's not a wonder that some of their spirits remained within it's wall to this day.
On the 30th day of June in 1903 at about 10:00 am, while serving as state comptroller, ROBERT MARSHALL LOVE (1847-1903),  was shot at his desk in the Capitol  by W. G. Hill, a former employee of the state comptrollers department. His last words were, "I have no idea why he shot me. May the Lord bless him and forgive him. I cannot say more." He died several hours later in Austin and was buried at Tehuacana  his home town..

Today's Capitol is under constant watch by the Capitol police department (now part of the Texas DPS).  Nothing moves within the Capitol walls without being seen by an officer. Cameras have recorded the image of a man dresses in a business suite dating back to 1903 standing near the old comptroller of public accounts office. Several visitors have reported a "nice man-- dressed funny" to the visitor's desk on the first floor. Officers have reported walking up to a man on the second floor, east wing during off hours and as they approach the man he turns and walks through a wall. Others report someone watching them while on tour at the Capitol and have noticed an oddly dressed man starring down at them from the second floor. Some reported the man has spoken to them as they walked by him. Saying " Good Day" and as they turn to reply he is gone.

Many believe the spirit is the man who was suddenly killed while serving Texas almost one hundred years ago. On your next visit if you see a nice man dressed in clothes from an older period, and  if you have a chance, ask him.

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