Saturday, August 27, 2011


President Abraham Lincoln


The tall unwieldy man walked down a long hallway that was for him very familiar. He was in the White House.  For him these hallways and staterooms were very recognizable.  Only, at that moment strangers were mingling around.  The sounds of mourning came to his ears and as he entered a drawing room he saw a solider standing guard at the side of a coffin. “Who,” he wondered, “was lying in state in the White House?"
The guard seemed to read his mind..  “The President is dead, he’s been shot.”  Abraham Lincoln woke from that dream wondering if he’d had a premonition or if he’d simply had a dream expressing his fears. Lincoln had a life long interest in the occult and had invited prominent spiritualist mediums to both his home and once he took office even into the White House.

 Oddly despite the apparent warning nature of the dream Lincoln declined extreme measures to protect his life, taking a fatalistic view of his future. The President arrived at Ford’s on the evening of April 14, 1865 hoping that seeing the play: “My American Cousin” would take his mind off the weighty decisions he was having to make since the Civil War had ended. Booth snuck into to the State Box and shot Lincoln at point-blank range. Regretfully, just as he’d dreamed, he was killed as he sat with his wife in the Ford Theater not long after that disturbed sleep. Day's later President Lincoln’s body was laid in state in the very room he’d seen in his dream.

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